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Hey! I’m Bethany, I’m so happy you found yourself here.

This space was first launched in 2014, but my love for food and cooking began at a young age standing beside my mother in the kitchen and learning my family’s famous recipes. From that point on, food became a huge part of my life and passion and is now my full-time job! To learn more about my food blogging journey, take a listen to a conversation I had with Elaine Benoit on her podcast Dishing with Delishes.

Here at A Simple Palate you’ll find dozens of tested until perfected recipes that are seasonal, always flavorful, and best enjoyed with the favorite people in your life. We like to keep recipes simple. This means minimal ingredients and straightforward step-by-step instructions that will help you navigate your way around the kitchen and teach you to make successful recipes no matter your level of experience. 

Recipes for Every Occasion

Conquer busy weeknights with our 10-minute teriyaki chicken, create an Italian feast for any holiday or special occasion with our sweet & spicy Italian sausage lasagna, satisfy your sweet tooth by making our surprisingly wholesome chewy almond butter cookies, or spice up your meatless meals with our favorite vegetarian fajitas.

If that sounds like your style, we’re so happy to help make success happen in your kitchen! Check out our recipes page for more tasty inspiration.

Bethany and Drew Kramer at Disneyland, CA

My Food Philosophy

  • Balance. For personal health reasons I eat mostly vegetarian/plant-based and enjoy meat focussed recipes in moderation.
  • Room for indulgence. I love eating healthy, but balance doesn’t mean deprivation. So I still leave room for my favorite indulgences like pasta, pizza, and chocolate! 😉
  • Cooking with “clean” ingredients. I try my best to always cook with products that do not contain preservatives, added hormones, chemicals, or artificial flavors. Because of this, I believe in buying high quality, local ingredients from businesses and farms that uphold the same values.

About Bethany

Hudson, a black and white English Springer Spaniel dog, and Bethany Kramer hiking at Runyon Canyon park overlooking downtown Los Angeles.

Fun Facts:

  • I’m married to my best friend Drew
  • We have a love for traveling and tasting food along the way of each adventure we take
  • I’m a very happy puppy momma to our English Springer Spaniel, Hudson
  • I was born in New Jersey and raised by a family full of passionate and loving New Yorkers who have always inspired and fueled my love for cooking
  • I’m a born and raised New York Yankees fan
  • Italian food was my first love and was the first type of food I learned how to make. Throughout my blog you’ll find some of my family’s famous Italian recipes.
  • Drew and I currently live in sunny Los Angeles where we spend most of our timing finding new places to eat, taking frequent trips to Disneyland, and enjoying hikes at our favorite spot – Runyon Canyon.

A Simple Palate Content Protection

Friends, I absolutely love sharing my recipes with you. But all of A Simple Palate content is exclusively mine – all pictures, recipes, texts, unless stated otherwise. Please do not copy or paste my recipes to your blog/site or any other platform. To respectfully share food blogging recipes, you are welcome to share my photography with a link to the credited blog post. I reserve the right to ask you to remove anything of mine from your site/platform. If you have any questions on sharing my recipes, please ask me!

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  • Avatar for Jon B. Jon B. says:

    Yep, I can tell you’re from back East, yup; I can tell YOU’RE part Italiana, yes? Cuz, NJ+NY+Italiana = GORGEOUS! Bellissima! Anyway, WE are mostly Eye-talian (Me = Sicilian mostly) and I am trying YOUR chicken Parma, Bethany, because: 1) The 92 year old madre ORDERED it (LOL!) (SHE is 42% Italiana) 2) I loooooooooooooooove to cook, esp. Italian, it’s how *I* relax and 3) Mom does NOT cook, I am her DAILY chef! And, since I’m retired, I can cook all the dishes and learn alllll the Italian words I can – I got the time! Well, gotta go. Gonna give YOUR CP a whirl, and THANK YOU for this site and all you do. Ya know, some cooks are just BORN, and you obviously were/are…Salut to you and Drew! Ciao!

    • You’re too kind. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the chicken parmesan. I just had it the other night while visiting my family back east and it’s truly one of my favorites!

  • Avatar for Chani Chani says:

    Gm can i use a smaller cast iron pot for the cinnamon raisin bread recipe? Or it must be 6 qt? Ty!

  • Avatar for Keith Wilhelm Keith Wilhelm says:

    I am trying your egg plant rollatina.

  • Avatar for Anna Fryman Anna Fryman says:

    You are amazingggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Avatar for Anna Fryman Anna Fryman says:

    Oh, and did I say U are soo pretty(just saying):)

  • Avatar for Doreen Doreen says:

    Hi Bethany! Cant wait to try your San Marzano Tomato Sauce but the recipe calls for 5 28 oz cans of the tomatoes. Is this correct? Seems like a lot. Thank you!

    • Hi Doreen! I always cut the recipe in half when I don’t need all the servings (3 cans). Or you can make the full serving and freeze half for a later time! 🙂

  • Avatar for Fred Sherron Fred Sherron says:

    We are putting together college cookbook for our grandsons , we would like to use some of your recipes and photos for their cookbook if permitted

  • Avatar for Larry S. Larry S. says:

    Was surfing for a Parm recipe to determine if the mozzarella goes under or over the sauce. Looks like under. (I think I’ve actually done both in the past, but I want to do it correctly) In the process I found those nice deep dish pans. I’m tired of my lasagna overflowing my typical “cake” pan. Ordered a set to check them out and they are MUCH more reasonably priced than almost all the alternatives I’ve looked at. My preference was definitely toward stainless steel as opposed to other materials. Nice dog BTW. Mine is a Labrador Retriever and she loves anything Italian.

  • Avatar for Becky Becky says:

    Thank you for the Mahi, Mahi recipe. Hands down a really super.delicious fish taco.
    All you heard at the table was “mmmmm, now these are a wow, good.”

  • Avatar for Erin Erin says:

    Hi Bethany, I would love to make the chicken Parmesan for guests and was wondering if I could refrigerate the chicken after sautéing it and then add the mozzarella and gravy later. Can’t wait to make your San Marzano marinara.

  • Avatar for Mike Mike says:

    I am interested in trying your Moroccan chickpea stew. My wife and I are on low sodium diets. Your table showing nutritional values does not list sodium. Could you please let me know what the sodium is?
    Thank you