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About A Simple Palate

Welcome, friends! My name is Bethany, I am the recipe developer and food photographer for A Simple Palate. Here you’ll find simple, whole food ingredients transformed into delicious, creative recipes for every type of “palate!”


I love creating quick and easy recipes that are still exciting and full of flavor! You will find on this site wholesome recipes with minimal ingredients, and simple instructions.

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see more of on my blog, I would love to hear your thoughts!


About Bethany

My family being from Queens, NY & Jersey City, Italian food was a always a huge part of my life. My passion came from my mom teaching me to cook at a young age – so in 2014 I started this blog to share my recipes with friends, family, and amazing readers like you. All that I am as a food blogger is forever inspired by my family.

Things I love: I’m a huge Yankees fan and lover of Jersey pizza & bagels.

The blog: I handle all things related to recipe development and food photography – @bethanyshannonkramer.
My husband, @drewkramer, handles web design, technology details, and most importantly – taste testing!

A Simple Palate Content Protection

Friends, I absolutely love sharing my recipes with you. But all of A Simple Palate content is exclusively mine – all pictures, recipes, texts, unless stated otherwise. Please do not copy or paste my recipes to your blog/site or any other platform. To respectfully share food blogging recipes, you are welcome to share my photography with a link to the credited blog post. I reserve the right to ask you to remove anything of mine from your site/platform. If you have any questions on sharing my recipes, please ask me!

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