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Go-To Protein Shake

top angle of a glass full of protein shake, bananas, and granola.

This protein shake ---> SUPER creamy, perfectly sweet, and peanut buttery chocolate goodness. No more boring protein shakes. Because this has all that you need, tastes like a milkshake, and I'm totally not sad about it. I have this delicious shake almost every day. After figure skating or working out/strength training I usually resort to a protein shake for recovery. It's also filling, ...

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Sweet & Spicy Sausage Lasagna

Close up of lasagna cut into slices.

This recipe is everything --> Sweet & Spicy Sausage Lasagna. Made with sausage + fresh mozzarella from my family's favorite meat shop - Brooklyn Pork Store. I can't even handle how delicious this lasagna is! Cheesy, gooey, flavorful sausage, hearty tomato sauce, and all those cozy lasagna vibes. One of my favorite recipe on the blog to date! Italian food is incredibly close to my h ...

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Cinnamon Raisin Artisan Bread

Fill your house with the aroma of this slightly sweet, and yummy Cinnamon Raisin Artisan Bread. This artisan bread is so delicious and has a light and crispy crust, and a soft doughy inside. All you need is some honey butter to spread on a warm slice of this bread and you have everything for this to be complete. ❤ I made this the other week for Drew (he has a weird obsession with c ...

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Favorite Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

a group of scattered cookies

This week calls for my favorite gluten free chocolate chip cookies! If you are a fan of cookies that are fudge-y, chewy, and filled with gooey chocolate chips, this will be your new dessert obsession. I've been working on this recipe for a few months now, and after eating dozens of these and making sure they are perfect, I can tell you the verdict is: they're life changing. It's a tough c ...

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Nutella Stuffed French Toast Waffles

Pile of waffles with fruit on it.

Guys, yes. You heard right. Nutella Stuffed French Toast Waffles! With tomorrow being Valentines Day I thought I'd share a very special breakfast to make for your loved ones. But if I'm being honest here, Valentines Day or not, these need to be in your life. Nutella stuffed french toast pressed into warm, crispy, fluffy waffles. I mean, are you looking at them? So GOOD. These french ...

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One Pot Easy Three Bean Chili

It's soup day! And this one pot three bean chili is what's cooking! All you need is one hour and you got yourself a cozy dinner for the night. This soup is slightly spicy, satisfying, and has all the comforting feels of a good chili. We just got a bit of a wintry mix of weather come through today, so this three bean chili is exactly what I need. I've been on a bit of a soup kick lately. One ...

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Ultra Fudge-y Flourless Chocolate Muffins

Hand holding muffin with bite out of it.

Can we just talk about these ULTRA Fudge-y Flourless Chocolate Muffins? They are unreal. If you are anything like myself, and enjoy a dessert that's rich, decadent, but made with healthy ingredients and no added sugar - THIS is where it's at. These fudge-y delights are made of dates + nut butter + chocolate + eggs. SRSLY. Real food ingredients that are satisfying, and a yummy guilt-free des ...

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Italian White Bean & Vegetable Soup

Bean soup in cast iron pot on marble countertop

Beating the cold weather + snow with this Italian White Bean & Vegetable Soup. HEALTHY, flavorful, satisfying, and all the cozy feels for these cold winter nights. <3 And we've had plenty of cold nights around here. So this soup hits the spot and so many ways. Drew and I love this soup so so much. It was the soup that kept on giving because the leftovers lasted for days. The best pa ...

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Healthy Breakfast Mini Pies

Miniature fruit pies stacked on top of each other next to a jar of milk

Healthy breakfast mini pies comin' in hawt! These cute little pies are so delicious. They consist of 100% clean ingredients, and make for the perfect healthy breakfast or dessert. It's what you get when you take some oatmeal flour, sweeten it with dates, add some peanut buttery goodness, & top it all with jam. YES PLZ. If you are a lover of the classic peanut butter + jelly combo these ...

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15 Must-Try Healthy Recipes for Your New Year

15 Must-Try Healthy Recipes for the New Year | A Simple Palate

Hello friends! And happy 2018. WHOA. Crazy that we are beginning a whole new year already! I'm so excited for what this next year has in store. To help us start our new year off on the right foot, I gathered 15 must-try healthy recipes for your new year ranging from breakfast, dinner, to dessert! As far as healthy eating in my own life, I have a fairly simple and straight-forward outlook ...

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