Tuscan Artichoke Salad

ceramic with artichokes & garbanzo bean salad in it on dark gray background.

This bright & fresh artichoke salad is abundant in vegetables & Italian herbs! Each bite is filled with marinated artichokes, fire roasted red peppers, and paired with a simple herbed vinaigrette. Since I was a little girl I have had such a huge obsession with marinated artichokes. Whenever I make this salad I have to try super hard not to eat the whole jar! They are truly one of ...

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5-Minute Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

hand dipping piece of pita bread into red pepper hummus in white bowl.

Learn how to make this creamy, super flavorful roasted red pepper hummus in just 5 quick minutes! You'll find this homemade recipe to be fast, delicious, and better than store-bought. I don't know about you, but I think homemade hummus is just the best. Especially when fire roasted peppers are involved! But for real, this hummus is beyond delicious. And what's even better is it's suuuper ...

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Classic Eggplant Parmesan

eggplant parmesan in a white baking dish on dark gray background with herbs and a napkin arranged around it.

The whole family will love this classic eggplant parmesan! Slices of tender eggplant coated in homemade breadcrumbs, and then layered with melted cheeses & rich marinara! Whether you'd like to bake or fry the eggplant, this recipe has a method for both. Growing up, I adored eggplant parm! No matter how laborious the cooking process was, it was always worth it in the end. If you've n ...

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15-Minute Lemon Chicken Piccata

skillet pan with lemon chicken piccata in it on gray background with lemon slices and fresh parsley arranged around it.

Juicy, tender lemon chicken piccata in a tangy caper & lemon sauce! This comforting & classic Italian dish is made in one pan, takes 15 minutes to cook, and is filled with impressive flavor. Dinner for tonight --> Tender breaded chicken in a simple, flavorful sauce with a touch of lemon and tangy capers. This dish is dressed to impress but is beyond easy to make! It takes just 1 ...

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Italian Arrabbiata Sauce (sugo all’arrabbiata)

wooden spoon stirring red arrabbiata tomato sauce in pan.

This rich and hearty arrabbiata sauce will add the perfect amount of dimension and spice to your favorite Italian recipes. The sauce is made up of garlic, tomatoes, and red pepper flakes that are simmered to perfection and then topped with fresh herbs! Compliment your favorite Italian dishes with this spicy tomato sauce! This rich arrabbiata sauce (also known as "sugo all'arrabbiata" in It ...

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Cheesy Rotini Pasta with Roasted Vegetables

white bowl with rotini pasta and roasted vegetables on gray background.

Twisted rotini pasta noodles tangled with three melted cheeses, rich marinara, and paired with perfectly roasted vegetables. An easy & healthy pasta dish the whole family will love! If you love indulging in a cheesy pasta dish without feeling weighed down by heavy creams, you will love every bite of this meal. So much flavor and nutritious ingredients are tangled in these twisted roti ...

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30-Minute Stir Fry Vegetables

vegetable stir fry with white rice in white ceramic bowl with dark napkin next to it.

Stir fry vegetables in a delicious sweet and gingery sauce. Serve takeout at home in just 30 minutes with this delicious and easy dinner the whole family will love! Perfectly cooked vegetables in a sweet & salty teriyaki sauce. Each bite has hints of fresh ginger, garlic, and crunchy texture from the veggies! We love making this recipe whenever we are craving takeout. It's incredibl ...

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Caprese Crostini Pizza

crostini pizzas arranged on tray lined with parchment paper.

These 10-minute crostini pizza appetizers are quick to make and simply delicious! Each mini toast is brushed with olive oil, layered with marinara and melted cheeses, and topped with fresh herbs and balsamic. Every bite of these pizza crostinis are cheesy, crispy, and slightly garlicky! What are crostinis? Crostini means "little toasts". They are an Italian appetizer that is made up of ...

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Easy Zucchini Lasagna

black cast iron pot with zucchini lasagna and red sauce in it on brown board with fresh herbs and parmesan cheese surrounding it.

Learn how to make this lower-carb zucchini lasagna! Every bite has the flavors of a classic lasagne but with vegetable noodles instead of pasta. Each layer is rich in garlicky flavor, melted Italian cheeses, and lots of basil for freshness! It's no secret that I am a big fan of anything that has to do with pasta, luscious red sauce, and CHEESE. I'm obsessed with Italian food, but I try to ke ...

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Chewy Chocolate Chip Almond Butter Cookies

almond butter chocolate chip cookies arranged on a cooling wrack on brown wooden board.

The chewiest chocolate chip almond butter cookies! Made with gluten-free almond four and taste so decadent you'll be hard-pressed to believe they're made with healthier ingredients. I pinky promise you will love every bite of these chewy chocolate chip almond flour cookies! They're packed with nut buttery goodness and aren't overly sweet or decadent. But, just right in taste and texture. ...

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Roasted Cauliflower Pasta with Red Pepper Sauce

a skillet pan with orange red pepper sauce with pasta noodles, roasted cauliflower, and a wooden spoon in it.

Learn how to make this delicious roasted cauliflower pasta with a luscious red pepper sauce that takes just minutes to prepare! Beautiful pasta noodles tangled with perfectly roasted cauliflower and a luscious 5-minute red pepper & tomato sauce! This dish is made for those who love themselves a bowl of pasta but with a little touch of veggies to make things healthier. The red pepper ...

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17 Date Night Pasta Recipes For Valentines Day

images of pasta dishes for date night.

Looking for a date night pasta recipe to make at home? Try one of these comforting and cheesy pasta dishes. Whether you're looking for a vegan, vegetarian, or meat dish - there is something for everyone! "Life is a combination of magic and pasta." - Federico Fellini I truly believe there is no better way to say "I love you" than with a bowl of pasta! If you are looking to make a ...

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