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Healthy Moroccan-Spiced Chickpea Bowl

So easy, takes 30 minutes to make, and is all things YUM. |
Comforting Moroccan-spiced chickpea bowls on Monday? Yeah, we're going there. Hello, Meatless Monday.Word on the street is a blizzard's on its way, so I'm gearing up for it by cooking all things comforting and gett ...
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30 Minute Honey Soy Chicken Bowl

30 Minute Honey Soy Chicken Rice Bowl - simple, delicious, and wholesome. |
Tuesdays are for chicken bowls. Ya dig?Let's totally make "Tasty Tuesday" a thing here on the blog. Because I'm all about this recipe!I have a serious love for edamame mixed with this chicken AND suuuupa ...
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Loaded Berry Caprese Salad

Loaded Berry Caprese Salad - so refreshing and one of my favorite salads! |
Weekend vibes right here.I have a serious thing for a good caprese salad. I've been eating this all week and have been loving it (AND the awesome spring-like weather). I almost didn't share this salad because of ...
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Orange Mango Turmeric Smoothie

This week calls for smoothies!We currently have 60-70 degree weather in Pennsylvania and all I can really think about are none winter foods. I may be a tad early, but this weather calls for nothing less! I've be ...
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Date Night Three Cheese Ravioli

Delicious, cheesy pillows of the EASIEST homemade pasta you'll ever make for date night. |
Say hello to the easiest date night recipe.With just under a week until Valentines Day, I figured it was time to share these cheesy, delicious pillows of pasta.I have always found pasta making a fascinating p ...
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Baked Popcorn Chicken Bites

Crispy Baked Popcorn Chicken BItes - delicious, healthier, and super easy! |
FRIENDS! Welcome to our spankin' new website!This site has been 6 months in the works, ya'll. Now it's live and we are thrilled. I have to give my husband & blogging partner all the praise for this! It has b ...
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Raspberry Compote Yogurt Bowl

Raspberry Compote Yogurt Bowl - Satisfying, delicious, and wholesome.
Today on the blog is full of color...and yogurt. Because yogurt is the best and who doesn't love a good healthy breakfast to start their day?!I'm the type of person that has FAGE yogurt in their fridge 24/7 (side ...
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Berry Avocado Power Smoothie

Detoxifying Berry Avocado Power Smoothie - so creamy & so delicious. |
When it comes to a post-workout snack or breakfast, you really can't beat a good smoothie.And this is one of my newest favorites. The inspiration for this smoothie came from none other than my love for berries. R ...
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