Italian Arrabbiata Sauce

A silver pan with arrabbiata sauce with a wooden spoon in it on a white counter with a gray napkin underneath.

This rich and hearty Arrabbiata sauce will add the perfect amount of dimension and spice to your favorite Italian recipes. It consists of simple, quality ingredients, simmered for several hours to perfection, and is absolutely delicious!  If you love a little bit of spice, layers of flavor, and rich tomato sauce - you will love complimenting your favorite Italian dishes with this "angry" ...

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Easy Tortilla Pizza

tortilla pizza on a white background with fresh basil sprinkled over top.

The quickest 8 Minute Tortilla Pizza that tastes like crispy flatbread! Pizza night never looked so good. Use store-bought or homemade tortillas for this recipe - so quick and easy.  If you love pizza and want a recipe that makes it quicker and easier than EVER - here ya go. 8 minute tortilla pizza that is all the things you could want in a pizza. Crispy browned crust, SO much cheesy goo ...

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Healthy Stuffed Zucchini Boats

A white dish on a white counter with stuffed zucchini boats and tomato sauce in it.

Amazing Italian stuffed zucchini boats - a quick and healthy dinner made of mostly veggies! These cheesy zucchini boats are done in 20 minutes, are gluten free-friendly, and so so yummy.  Today is all about these cheesy Italian stuffed zucchini boats! They take a quick 20 minutes until baked to perfection, are hearty and flavorful, and so so yummy. In this recipe I swapped ground beef to ...

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Easy Lemon Chicken Piccata

a silver pan on a white background with lemon chicken piccata and lemon slices over top.

A comforting classic Italian recipe. Juicy, tender Lemon Chicken Piccata that is an easy weeknight meal and done in 30 minutes! Made with simple ingredients, cooked in one pan, and has so much flavor.  Dinner for tonight --> easy lemon chicken piccata. Tender breaded chicken in a simple, flavorful sauce with a touch of tangy lemon. This recipe is on the fancy side but yet so simple and easy! ...

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15-Minute Vegan Burrito Bowl

Hands holding a fork and a white vegan burrito bowl on a white background on a gray napkin.

The easiest 15-minute Vegan Burrito Bowl. This recipe requires just a handful of simple pantry ingredients and is so quick and easy to make! Enjoy for as a busy weeknight meal or healthy meal prep.  Say hello to this healthy, no-fuss meal that takes a mind-blowing 15 minutes to make and is so so delicious. This burrito bowl came about when I had next to nothing in my fridge or pantry, bu ...

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Roasted Lemon Rosemary Chicken with Potatoes

a black skillet pan on a white counter with a gray napkin with lemon rosemary chicken and roasted potatoes.

Juicy, tender Roasted Lemon Rosemary Chicken with potatoes and an outstanding lemon-y sauce. All you need is one pan and less than 1 hour to make this wholesome and delicious meal! Perfect for a busy weeknight meal or healthy meal prep. Today we are talking about this DELICIOUS Lemon Rosemary Chicken with a flavorful lemon-y sauce and hearty potatoes. This recipe takes less than 1 hour, is ma ...

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5 ingredient Homemade Peanut Butter Eggs

chocolate covered peanut butter eggs drizzled with chocolate on parchment paper.

These decadent 5 ingredient peanut butter eggs are paleo-friendly, vegan, and beyond DELICIOUS. A healthier spin on a classic Reese's peanut butter cup. Same decadent taste made with wholesome ingredients!  It's the week of Easter! So let's celebrate with these amazing, chocolate-y peanut butter eggs. Made with only 5 ingredients, are so easy, and beyond delicious! It's like a ...

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Easy Baked Ziti

A spoon in a white dish of cheesy baked ziti.

An easy and flavorful baked ziti made from scratch! So cheesy, saucy, and a one dish meal that the whole family will love. Takes only 30 minutes to make and is all things delicious and cheesy!  I grew up with my mom making baked ziti all the time. It's simple, easy to throw together, AND the whole family loves it. This is a great dinner when you are running short on time and ingredients! ...

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10-Minute Naan Pizza

a hand picking up a slice of naan pizza on a white background.

Pizza night has never been easier! 10-minute Naan Pizza that has a golden crispy crust, tons of cheese, and is so yummy and quick. Your family will love this simple recipe that takes no time at all to make!  Say hello to the quickest pizza recipe ever! All you need is 4 ingredients, 7 minutes to bake, and you have the crispiest, golden mini pizzas that are SO yummy and EASY.  Whe ...

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Easy Zucchini Lasagna

a white dish with zucchini lasagna on a white counter with a gray napkin on the side.

Delicious, cheesy, and comforting Zucchini Lasagna! This low carb recipe will give you ALL the feels of classic lasagna - but with less guilt by using zucchini noodles. Layers of garlic-y flavor, fresh basil, and so much cheesy goodness. This recipe is soo delicious you won't even miss using pasta! It's no secret that I am a big fan of anything that has to do with pasta, luscious red sauce, a ...

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Chewy Almond Butter Cookies

Almond butter cookies with a bite out of one on white parchment paper.

Amazing & chewy almond butter cookies that are made with no refined sugar, almond flour, and creamy almond butter. A healthier cookie that is super soft and so yummy!  Baking cookies is always a special occasion. So today I'm sharing almond butter cookies that are baked to perfection, super soft & chewy, and so addicting! It's a healthier take on regular chocolate chip cooki ...

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30-Minute Stir Fry Vegetables

A black cast iron skillet with assorted vegetable stir fry and a wooden spoon in it.

30 minute stir fry vegetables in a delicious sweet and gingery sauce. A great way to load up on vegetables for an easy dinner or make for weekly meal prep. All you need is simple pantry ingredients, one pan, and any vegetables you have on hand!  Sometimes you need to just load up on all the veggies. And these 30 minute stir fry vegetables are making my week so EASY. In just under 2 weeks ...

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