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Orange Mango Turmeric Smoothie

This week calls for smoothies! We currently have 60-70 degree weather in Pennsylvania and all I can really think about are none winter foods. I may be a tad early, but this weather calls for nothing less! I've be ...
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Date Night Three Cheese Ravioli

Delicious, cheesy pillows of the EASIEST homemade pasta you'll ever make for date night. |
Say hello to the easiest date night recipe. With just under a week until Valentines Day, I figured it was time to share these cheesy, delicious pillows of pasta. I have always found pasta making a fascinating p ...
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Baked Popcorn Chicken Bites

Crispy Baked Popcorn Chicken BItes - delicious, healthier, and super easy! |
FRIENDS! Welcome to our spankin' new website! This site has been 6 months in the works, ya'll. Now it's live and we are thrilled. I have to give my husband & blogging partner all the praise for this! It has b ...
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Raspberry Compote Yogurt Bowl

Raspberry Compote Yogurt Bowl - Satisfying, delicious, and wholesome.
Today on the blog is full of color...and yogurt. Because yogurt is the best and who doesn't love a good healthy breakfast to start their day?! I'm the type of person that has FAGE yogurt in their fridge 24/7 (side ...
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Berry Avocado Power Smoothie

Detoxifying Berry Avocado Power Smoothie - so creamy & so delicious. |
When it comes to a post-workout snack or breakfast, you really can't beat a good smoothie. And this is one of my newest favorites. The inspiration for this smoothie came from none other than my love for berries. R ...
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Loaded Detox Chia Salad

Healthy, wholesome, Loaded Detox Chia Salad. One of my favorite salads! |
Happy 2017, guys!! Ahh. That is weird to say. Where is the time going?! I'm incredibly excited for this next year--especially for ASP! New recipes to cook up, new photos to snap, and tons of food to EAT. I've a ...
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DIY Peppermint Bark

DIY Peppermint Bark - Easy, deeeeelicious, addicting, and full of the christmas spirit! YUM.
Wave your hands in the air if you love peppermint bark. ?? Seriously guys, why on earth is this stuff so good? And the best thing about making your own is it's the easiest thing ever, delicious, AND the perfect ho ...
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