Cauliflower Baked Ziti

A skillet pan with baked cauliflower ziti topped with melted cheese. The pan of ziti is sitting on a dark background with herbs arranged around it and a gray napkin.

The whole family will love this cheesy cauliflower baked ziti! Every bite is filled with pasta noodles coated in melted cheddar cheese, fresh herbs, and roasted cauliflower for a healthy twist. One of my childhood favorites - baked ziti but with some roasted cauliflower to make things a little healthier! Growing up my mom made baked pasta all the time, but never used ricotta cheese or rea ...

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21 Easy Meatless Dinners

A collage of vegetarian dishes with the words 21 easy meatless dinners in the center of the images.

The recipes I'm sharing today are some of Drew and I's favorites! Whether you are trying to eat a little less meat for the new year and you want to try something new, or you already love veggie-filled recipes and need some new inspo. We have something here to try! You'll find recipes of all kinds in this post. From nourishing plant-based soups and stews to vegetarian pasta dishes to amazi ...

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Mom’s Christmas Crescent Cookies

A stack of white Christmas crescent cookies on a plate with powder sugar being dusted over top.

Learn how to make melt-in-your-mouth Italian Christmas crescent cookies! Made with simple ingredients like butter, flour, and vanilla, and dusted with sweet powdered sugar. The perfect holiday cookie that everyone will love! Make the holidays complete with these delicious Italian crescent cookies! They're simple butter cookies shaped into a crescent moon. To make them you'll only need 5 i ...

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Cherry Chocolate Dipped Biscotti

Chocolate dipped biscottis arranged on parchment paper, with a plate of biscottis next to them. Around the biscottis are red ribbon and cinnamon sticks.

Learn how to make chocolate-dipped biscotti with sweet & chewy dried cherries! These crunchy Italian cookies are perfect for the holidays and are best when dunked into a warm cup of coffee or hot cocoa. Every bite of these crunchy Italian biscotti cookies is chocolatey, crispy, and filled with chewy dried cherries! My family loves this recipe. So much so, that all of the biscottis are ...

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Black Bean Sweet Potato Nachos

Sweet potato nachos in a pan lined with parchment paper. The nachos are topped with black beans, salsa, and avocado slices. The pan is sitting on a wooden background with lime slices and a bowl of salsa arranged around it.

Learn how to make healthier nachos with these black bean sweet potato nachos! Instead of chips, this recipe uses slices of cooked potatoes as the base that are topped with homemade salsa, creamy avocado, and melted cheese. You're going to love these sweet healthy potato nachos! What makes them special is rather than using chips as the base, this recipe uses soft, roasted slices of sweet p ...

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Herb & Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups

Spinach lasagna roll ups with red sauce over them in a white dish.

Learn how to make spinach lasagna roll-ups! A fun and delicious twist on traditional lasagna. Rather than layering the lasagna in a baking dish, these noodles are rolled up with fresh herbs, Italian cheeses, and healthy green spinach! I don't usually like messing with classics, but this fresh twist on Lasagna might just be my new favorite pasta dish. These lasagna roll-ups are loaded with f ...

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22 Delicious Friendsgiving Food Ideas

22 delicious Friendsgiving food ideas.

Looking for simple and delicious Friendsgiving food ideas to make for the holidays? Look no further than these crowd-pleasing recipes. Whether you are planning to have an intimate gathering with family or "Friendsgiving" for Thanksgiving, and you're looking for easy holiday recipes, you've come to the right place. Now, if you've never heard of it before, you may be wondering what is Frie ...

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Easy Turkey Gravy From Drippings

Turkey gravy from pan drippings being poured over slices of turkey breast on a plate with fresh herbs.

Learn how to make this super easy turkey gravy from pan drippings! This recipe shows you how to utilize the pan drippings from your holiday turkey to elevate the flavor of your Thanksgiving gravy. It's quick to make, uses simple ingredients, and is full of flavor! Every holiday meal needs to have a delicious gravy! This turkey gravy recipe is super simple to make and uses pan drippings fro ...

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Autumn Roasted Chicken and Butternut Squash Skillet

A black skillet with chicken and roasted butternut squash with rosemary sprigs and brussels sprouts in it. The pan is sitting on a wooden background with a napkin next to it.

This autumn chicken and butternut squash skillet will become your new favorite fall dinner! Tender roasted chicken with a simple dijon and rosemary sauce served alongside sweet roasted butternut squash, tart cranberries, and brussels sprouts. Simple delicious! Looking for an easy fall dinner to make? Try this one pan-roasted chicken with roasted butternut squash. It's easy, full of flavor, a ...

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Brownie Oat Flour Cookies

A stack of brownie oat flour cookies with the top one with a bite out of it.

Learn how to make the most decadent oat flour cookies! These thick and fudgy brownie cookies are irresistible in flavor and full of wholesome ingredients. Instead of using regular wheat flour, this recipe uses ground-up oats as a nutritious flour substitute! They're naturally sweetened with coconut sugar, are gluten-free friendly and dairy-free. Today we are whipping up these delicious glut ...

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Maple Herb Air Fryer Turkey Breast

A blue plate with slices of air fryer turkey breast and gravy on it with fresh herbs arranged around it. The plate of turkey is arranged on a wooden background with herbs, gravy, and a gray napkin displayed around it.

Learn how to make the juiciest air fryer turkey breast in under one hour! It's coated in fresh herbs, lots of butter, and maple syrup for sweetness. Make the holidays simple with an easy turkey recipe the whole family will love! Want to make a Thanksgiving meal without the whole fuss of roasting a whole turkey? Try this delicious turkey breast made in an air fryer. The turkey is basted in lo ...

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Healthy Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

A stack of pumpkin spice pancakes on a gray plate with a fork laying next to the pancakes and an orange pumpkin in the background.

Learn how to make whole grain pumpkin spice pancakes for the fall season! This crowd-pleasing recipe is made with healthy oat flour, and nutritious ingredients that are gluten-free and dairy-free friendly. You will make these pancakes on repeat once you try them!  Embrace the fall season by swapping your regular pancake recipe for these fluffy, healthy pumpkin pancakes! They're made with h ...

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