Sweet & Spicy Italian Sausage Lasagna

Cheesy lasagna with a piece cut out of it.

A family favorite  -  Sweet & Spicy Italian Sausage Lasagna. Layered with lots of fresh basil, three gooey cheeses, and sweet & spicy Italian sausage. Comforting, irresistible flavors and tastes like the world's best lasagna! Italian food is incredibly close to my heart. It's a huge part of my childhood, and my journey of learning how to cook from my mom when I was little. M ...

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Dutch Oven Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Cinnamon Raisin Bread Recipe - All you need is 1 bowl, 6 ingredients, and 1 hour for the dough to rise. A doughy inside with sweet raisins and cinnamon, and a crunchy outer crust. So delicious and easy! This cinnamon raisin bread recipe is so easy and contains only 6 ingredients with delicious results! You will get a crispy, crunchy crust with a doughy inside full of cinnamon raisin flavor. T ...

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Incredible Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

a group of scattered cookies

 This healthy chocolate chip cookie recipe is the perfect guilt-free indulgence! No refined sugars, gluten free, and dairy free. These cookies are super chewy and soft, peanut buttery, and are melt in your mouth delicious! This healthy chocolate chip cookie recipe needs to be in your life. If you are a fan of cookies that are fudge-y, chewy, and filled with gooey chocolate chips, these will ...

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Nutella Stuffed French Toast Waffles

Pile of waffles with fruit on it.

Guys, yes. You heard right. Nutella Stuffed French Toast Waffles! With tomorrow being Valentines Day I thought I'd share a very special breakfast to make for your loved ones. But if I'm being honest here, Valentines Day or not, these need to be in your life. Nutella stuffed french toast pressed into warm, crispy, fluffy waffles. I mean, are you looking at them? So GOOD. These french ...

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Healthy Vegetarian Bean Chili

A white dutch oven with vegetarian bean chili in it.

This Healthy Vegetarian Bean Chili -  a one pot soup with a flavorful tomato base, and is full of satisfying plant-based protein. So delicious and the perfect soup to make for Fall/Winter!  I love a good pot of soup. And this Healthy Vegetarian Bean Chili has been one of my favorites lately - it is an easy one pot meal and is so full of flavor. All you need is a pot or dutch oven and a hand ...

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Ultra Fudge-y Flourless Chocolate Muffins

Hand holding muffin with bite out of it.

Flourless chocolate muffins made with no refined sugar, no flour, and are so fudge-y and decadent! The perfect guilt-free dessert.  Can we just talk about these ULTRA Fudge-y Flourless Chocolate Muffins? They are unreal. If you are anything like myself, and enjoy a dessert that's rich, decadent, but made with healthy ingredients and no added sugar - THIS is where it's at. These fudge-y de ...

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Tuscan White Bean Soup

kale and white bean soup in cast iron pot on marble countertop

Tuscan White Bean Soup with vegetables - The easiest, most flavorful soup recipe. Made with sautéed vegetables, tomatoes, white beans, in a hearty tomato & vegetable broth!  Perfect for a healthy dinner or lunch -  make this in a regular pot or instant pot/slow cooker.  This Tuscan White Beans Soup is one of my favorites! It's the kind of recipe that has everything but the kitchen si ...

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15 Must-Try Healthy Recipes for Your New Year

15 Must-Try Healthy Recipes for the New Year | A Simple Palate

Hello friends! And happy 2018. WHOA. Crazy that we are beginning a whole new year already! I'm so excited for what this next year has in store. To help us start our new year off on the right foot, I gathered 15 must-try healthy recipes for your new year ranging from breakfast, dinner, to dessert! As far as healthy eating in my own life, I have a fairly simple and straight-forward outlook ...

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Healthy Breakfast Mini Pies

Miniature fruit pies stacked on top of each other next to a jar of milk

The yummiest Healthy Breakfast Mini Pies! Full of clean, everyday ingredients, refined sugar free, and so easy to make.  Healthy breakfast mini pies comin' in hawt! These cute little pies are so delicious. They consist of 100% clean ingredients, and make for the perfect healthy breakfast or dessert. It's what you get when you take some oatmeal flour, sweeten it with dates, add some peanut ...

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No Bake Protein Brownies

A stack of peanut butter drizzled fudge brownies

Fudge-y No Bake Protein Brownies - enjoy dessert in a healthier way that is packed with protein. Made with clean ingredients, require no baking, and are decadent and delicious!  What's not to love? Healthier brownies that require no baking No Bake Protein Power Brownies. Ultra fudge-y, chocolate lover approved, and a delicious healthier dessert. Made with simple, clean ingredients, and are a ...

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Healthy Quinoa Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

vegetarian stuffed bell peppers in a ceramic pot drizzled with sour cream

Healthy Vegetarian Stuffed Bell Peppers with quinoa, black beans, and delicious Tex-Mex seasoning. An easy recipe that has low carb ingredients, simple instructions, and only 30 minutes to make! If you are a lover of easy, 30 minute meals - these delicious vegetarian stuffed bell peppers are for you. They are stuffed with quinoa, salsa, black beans, and yummy Tex-Mex seasoning. No fus ...

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The Best Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chewy chocolate chip cookies laid out on parchment paper.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookies - soft, ultra chewy, and absolutely irresistible. Nothing compares to a classic chocolate chip cookie. And this tried and true recipe is one you will find yourself making again and again! Melt-in-your-mouth, classic chewy chocolate chip cookies - made with melted butter, brown sugar, and thick Ghirardelli chocolate chips. All you need are a handful o ...

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