Easy Zucchini Lasagna

black cast iron pot with zucchini lasagna and red sauce in it on brown board with fresh herbs and parmesan cheese surrounding it.

Learn how to make this lower-carb zucchini lasagna! Every bite has the flavors of a classic lasagne but with vegetable noodles instead of pasta. Each layer is rich in garlicky flavor, melted Italian cheeses, and lots of basil for freshness! It's no secret that I am a big fan of anything that has to do with pasta, luscious red sauce, and CHEESE. I'm obsessed with Italian food, but I try to ke ...

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Chewy Chocolate Chip Almond Butter Cookies

almond butter chocolate chip cookies arranged on a cooling wrack on brown wooden board.

The chewiest chocolate chip almond butter cookies! Made with gluten-free almond four and taste so decadent you'll be hard-pressed to believe they're made with healthier ingredients. I pinky promise you will love every bite of these chewy chocolate chip almond flour cookies! They're packed with nut buttery goodness and aren't overly sweet or decadent. But, just right in taste and texture. ...

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Roasted Cauliflower Pasta with Red Pepper Sauce

a skillet pan with orange red pepper sauce with pasta noodles, roasted cauliflower, and a wooden spoon in it.

Learn how to make this delicious roasted cauliflower pasta with a luscious red pepper sauce that takes just minutes to prepare! Beautiful pasta noodles tangled with perfectly roasted cauliflower and a luscious 5-minute red pepper & tomato sauce! This dish is made for those who love themselves a bowl of pasta but with a little touch of veggies to make things healthier. The red pepper ...

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17 Date Night Pasta Recipes For Valentines Day

images of pasta dishes for date night.

Looking for a date night pasta recipe to make at home? Try one of these comforting and cheesy pasta dishes. Whether you're looking for a vegan, vegetarian, or meat dish - there is something for everyone! "Life is a combination of magic and pasta." - Federico Fellini I truly believe there is no better way to say "I love you" than with a bowl of pasta! If you are looking to make a ...

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Italian Salad with Parmesan Herb Dressing

wooden bowl with greens and chopped vegetables in it with grey napkin and small condiment bowls surrounding it.

This abundant Italian salad is the perfect compliment to any meal! It is filled with roasted red peppers, marinated artichokes, and drizzled with a simple parmesan herb dressing. Serving up this very large and very delicious Italian salad today! And it's filled with a lot of my favorite things - roasted red peppers, marinated artichoke hearts, and crispy homemade croutons! This salad ha ...

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Vegetarian Pasta e Fagioli

bowl of pasta fagioli soup on wooden background with gray napkin and spoons laying next to it.

Pasta e Fagioli soup is an Italian classic! Enjoy this vegetarian version that is thick and stew-like and each bite is full of hearty pasta and beans. One of my favorite Italian soups is this classic pasta e Fagioli (pronounced pasta-e-faa-jow-lee) - which in English means pasta and beans. Growing up in a family from New York, we called it "pasta fazool", which is a little twist on its Neop ...

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Three Cheese Baked Rigatoni with Roasted Vegetables

Black cast iron skillet with baked rigatoni in it with a gray napkin next to it on wooden background.

This baked rigatoni is the ultimate pasta dinner! Thick pasta noodles layered with a blend of melted cheeses and tossed with a medley of delicious roasted vegetables. When it comes to baking pasta, we all know about the famous lasagne. But, let me tell you about baked rigatoni... this specific recipe is layered with cooked noodles, a blend of three melted cheeses, and a medley of roasted vege ...

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Superfood Blueberry Spinach Smoothie

glasses filled with blueberry smoothie with blueberries and spinach leafs arranged around it.

Start your morning with this nourishing blueberry spinach smoothie that is filled with nutrient-rich superfoods! It is perfectly sweet in flavor and has a thick & creamy consistency. Lately, I've been making this blueberry smoothie every morning for Drew and I. We both absolutely love the taste, the creamy texture, and all the nutritious ingredients that can easily be added to it. Y ...

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Naan Breakfast Pizza

Naan breakfast pizza on parchment paper cut into 4 slices with running egg in center.

This crowd-pleasing breakfast pizza is a delicious new way to start the day! Make it happen in just a quick 10 minutes by using naan bread as your dough. It's simple yet full of flavor, and perfect for weekend brunching! Pizza for breakfast is always a good idea. If you've never had such a thing as a breakfast pizza, you're in for a treat! It's basically a cheesy crust with a runny egg baked ...

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Vegetarian Taco Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing

a vegetable taco salad in a tortilla bowl on a blue plate.

This crowd-pleasing vegetarian taco salad is filled with bright flavors and simple ingredients! Fire roasted corn, creamy avocado, and fresh salsa, all tossed in a homemade cilantro lime dressing. The most delicious and simple taco salad around! We have been making this salad almost every night with our dinners because it is just that good. It's packed with vegetables, has so much fresh fla ...

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Chewy Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookies

flourless cookies arranged on a cooling rack on a wooden board.

These flourless chocolate chip cookies are super peanut buttery, decadent, and consist of only 7 simple pantry ingredients (and no flour!). Today is all about these thick and chewy chocolate studded cookies! They contain no flour, no refined sugar, and are truly perfect for any occasion. I adapted these from my 5-Ingredient Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies and I have to say - I'm a huge fan! ...

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10-Minute Black Bean Tacos

a group of black bean tacos on plate with condiments.

These crunchy black bean tacos are super fast to make and a delicious plant-based dinner! You'll only need 10 minutes for cooking and 7 simple ingredients to make it all happen. We've been really enjoying these tacos over the last few weeks. They've got crunchy taco shell, garlic-y black beans, and then are topped with layers of flavor from salsa, cilantro, to red onions. We love how tasty and ...

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