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Hummus Power Salad

Hummus Power Salad |
Happy 2015 friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year filled with much love and remembrance of our King. Drew and I enjoyed our first Christmas married together, with tons of Christmas music, Gri ...
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Dark Chocolate Cherry Biscotti

Dark Chocolate Cherry Biscotti |
I should probably cut to the chase and just say I'm absolutely obsessed with these.If you have never tried homemade biscotti you would probably agree with me that they are polar opposite of store-bought. ...
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Banana Bread Granola

Banana Bread Granola |
I love granola. But it wasn't until I started reading labels last year that I realized how much sugar those "healthy" granolas you buy at the store have in them. I've tried many granola recipes on my own, but I co ...
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Vanilla-Cinnamon NICE Cream

Vanilla-Cinnamon NICE Cream! |
We could all use a little nice ice cream in our lives. Hopefully you are a banana lover, because this will change your ice cream life! Or, I hope it does. I've been making this religiously for the past year and have ...
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